Parent Participation

The secret behind Tauxemont's 75 years of success is parent involvement.  Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school, to the mutual benefit of parent and child.

We are a cooperative preschool - all families participate both in the classroom an are assigned school jobs.

Parent Help Days

Parent help in your child's classroom on a rotating basis so each child has opportunities to share a preschool day with mom or dad.

Saturday Work Sessions

Saturday work sessions are scheduled throughout the school year to keep the school clean and repaired.  Working with other families, each family supports two sessions per year.

Fun Fair / Silent Action

Silent Auction 2017

The annual Spring Fun Fair and our Silent Auction are major events during the school year.  Every family participates to make these events a success

School Jobs

School jobs are mostly assigned based on interest, skills and capabilities.  Jobs can vary year-to-year depending on immediate requirements and family capabilities.

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