Our Program

Teaching Moment

Tauxemont Preschool believes that formal education is best begun in the first grade and that our primary purpose is to provide an environment for a child to grow emotionally, developmentally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

Preschool should allow children to

  • Discover that school is a happy place, that learning is fun and rewarding, and that teachers are understanding and stimulating human beings
  • Learn how to work and play successfully with other children
  • Learn to develop their own skills, talents and interests, and to expand each of these to the fullest extent
  • Develop a sense of personal worth and an understanding of the needs and rights of others
  • Develop a sense of excitement and interest in the world in which we live and an eagerness to learn more

How we foster child development

  • Provide a wide variety of activities geared to the proper age and skill level of the children
  • Emphasize personal standards and pride of achievement and encourage the child to recognize that the process is as important as the product
  • Encourage arts in addition to crafts, and dramatic and creative play in addition to organized games and activities
  • Consider individual needs and different rates of development in children along with the aims of group activity and socialization
  • Recognize that the most desirable discipline is self-discipline, and that encouragement and consistent standards are more effective than punishment in the development of self-discipline
  • Offer a developmentally approporiate program with little use of formal devices, drills, and competitive learning