Our Program & Classes

Our Philosophy

Tauxemont has been teaching children a love of learning since 1942. The Tauxemont learning experience encourages parents to participate with their children during this major step away from home. At Tauxemont, we enjoy being involved with our children both during school and at our special events. Your family involvement is what makes your child's experience at Tauxemont unique. In fact, the parents play an essential role in the learning process as they help in the classroom, drive children on field trips, build play equipment, or participate in our annual Spring Fun Fair. The intimacy between parent, child, and teacher is something quite rare and special - and something you and your child may never enjoy again to the same degree.

Tauxemont lights the spark of learning that will continue for a lifetime. Newcomers and long-time area residents alike find "our little school in the woods" a center for lifelong friendships.


Our Program

Tauxemont Preschool believes that formal education is best begun in the first grade and that our primary purpose is to provide an environment for a child to grow emotionally, developmentally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

We believe, therefore, that preschool should allow them to: discover that school is a happy place, that learning is fun and rewarding and that teachers are understanding and stimulating human beings; learn how to work and play successfully with other children; learn to develop their own skills, talents, and interests, and to expand each of these to the fullest extent; develop a sense of personal worth and an understanding of the needs and rights of others; and to develop a sense of excitement and interest in the world in which we live and an eagerness to learn more. 

We feel that children whose preschool experiences are of this nature will approach formal schooling ready to learn anything the school is prepared to teach. In order to provide experiences of this nature, our preschool: provides a wide variety of activities geared to the proper age and skill level of the children; emphasizes personal standards and pride of achievement rather than simple conformity to group standards and encourages the child to recognize that the process is as important as the product; encourages creative arts in addition to crafts, and dramatic and creative play in addition to organized games and activities; considers individual needs and different rates of development in children along with the aims of group activity and socialization recognizes that the most desirable discipline is self-discipline, and that encouragement and consistent standards are more effective than punishment in the development of self-discipline offers a developmentally appropriate program with out the use of formal devices, drills, competitive learning, or rigid routines.




Our Classes

2 Day 3's Class
  • 9:00am - 11:45am;
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Class Size: 12
  • $230/month
3 Day 3's Class
  • 9:00am - 11:45am; Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Class Size: 12
  • $285/month
4 Day 3/4's Class
  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm; Monday through Thursday
  • Class Size: 12
  • $360/month
4 Day 4's Class
  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm; Monday through Thursday
  • Class Size: 14
  • $360/month
5 Day 5's Class
  • 8:45am - 12:00pm; Monday through Friday
  • Class Size: 16
  • $460/month

The above fees are for the 2017-2018 school year. Price includes supply and field trip fees.


Parent Participation

The secret behind Tauxemont's success for over 60 years is parent involvement. Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school, to the mutual benefit of parent and child.

  1. Parent Education is required for all parents co-oping in the classroom.  The state of Virginia considers parents school staff, and per Virginia legislation relevant to the school's licensing, are required to complete four hours of continuing education by the end of the school year. The school provides training on-site as well as information about approved resources for training.
  2. Parent Help in your child's classroom on a rotating basis so each child has opportunities to share a preschool day with mom or dad.
  3. Saturday Work Sessions are scheduled throughout the school year to keep the school clean and repaired. Working with other families, each family supports two sessions per year.
  4. A School Job is assigned to each family to make the school run smoothly.
  5. School Orientation, All-School Meetings and Workshops are scheduled to inform you of the school's operations and to help you meet the parent education requirement.
  6. The annual Spring Fun Fair and Silent Auction are major events during the school year. Every family participates to make these events a success!

Note: Partial buy-out options are available for those unable to fulfill the participation requirements.


Special Features

  • A natural woodland setting
  • Two large, age appropriate playgrounds
  • Large classrooms, small class sizes
  • A professional teaching staff
  • Home visits to all new families
  • Flexible co-oping for working parents
  • Partial scholarships available
  • State-licensed


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